Cobra Head Lighting Efficiency

LED Outdoor Area Lighting – DOE Snapshot Report

DOE LED Outdoor Area Lighting Caliper Snapshot Report

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) LED Lighting Facts and their Snapshot Report, focuses on core metrics in outdoor lighting. For LED lighting products in the market, the DOE metrics include lumen output, energy use, luminous energy efficiency, color rendering index (CRI) and color temperature (CCT). A new Snapshot Report published on July 1, 2013, on Outdoor Area Lighting examines the current state of the LED outdoor lighting market based on manufacture submitted LM-79 reporting data. The report shows that the best performing LED products are achieving over 100 lumens per watt for outdoor area lighting applications.

LED Outdoor Area Lighting Fixtures, Exceeds the Efficiency of HID Fixtures

Across the outdoor lighting categories of area lighting, parking garage lighting, and canopy lighting, LED outdoor lighting products are exceeding the efficiency of conventional HID fixtures. These LED lighting products provide better alternatives in both energy use and lighting quality. The light distribution patterns and effective optics allow for delivery of more usable light at lower levels of lumens compare to the equivalent HPS or MH fixture.

Thus, in designing lighting for parking lots, it may not be necessary to replace a 400 watt, 23,000 lumen HID light fixture, with the equivalent lumen output LED outdoor fixture. Metro LED in several parking lot lighting designs have replaced a 150 watt /12,000 lumen HPS fixture with an LED fixture using 80 watt and producing a 6,600 lumen output. The results are much better quality lighting, and very large energy savings. (See the blog posting about the Case Study on LED Parking Lots, for photographs and the economics of these replacement area lighting fixtures.)

Cobra Head Lighting Efficiency Brief

[LED Cobra Head Light Fixtures]

Parking lot lighting with an area luminaire, such as a Cobra Head fixture are a very common outdoor luminaire that is widely deployed. Various DOE reports have shown that these types of outdoor lighting fixtures are major contributors to property owners energy bills. Further benefits of well-designed LED outdoor fixtures include much longer life, reduce maintenance needs, better color quality, along with more efficient operating characteristics than a HPS or MH fixture.

The Cobra Head Lighting Efficiency Brief, downloadable below, outlines how select fixtures from Metro LED Lighting, have greater efficiency than the majority of Lighting Facts listed products. These Cobra Head lighting fixtures are not only 41% more efficient than the highest performing HPS or MH fixture, but also a breath of products are available to serve as an effective replacement for 7O watt  to 400 watt traditional HID outdoor area lighting products.

As shown by the DOE Outdoor Area Lighting Report substantial performance gains are achievable over HPS / MH fixture, but as important major performance differences exist in LED outdoor luminaires such as those used in area lighting.

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