DLC Listed Canopy Lights, Wall Packs, and Floodlights – Now Available

Metro LED lighting is now offering a family of outdoor lighting fixtures that are DLC listed with rebates available. These new products include an LED canopy light with a prismatic lens, and a 12″ x 12″ square housing. Also added to the DLC list, are a medium size, rounded back LED Floodlight, and LED Wall Packs in a standard wedge shape. In addition included in the DLC listing, is a flexible contemporary design wall pack/ wall washer. By being DLC listed, assures that these outdoor lighting luminaires are tested, meet performance requirements, and fulfill the L-70 requirements for long LED life.

LED Canopy Light

Energy Efficient, LED Retrofits for HID Outdoor Lighting

The LED canopy lights, floodlights and wedge-shaped wall packs are very similar design to traditional HID fixtures. This line of LED outdoor lighting is well-suited as a one-for-one replacement of existing HID lighting. Unlike HID outdoor fixtures, LEDs luminaries require no routine maintenance, and are very long-lasting. These retrofits for HID lighting are energy efficient and often achieved over 90 lumens per watt of light output. These LED outdoor lighting fixtures are very price competitive with HID lighting, yet offer large energy savings and eliminate maintenance cost. By being DLC listed and having rebates available, lowers installed costs, accelerates paybacks, thus making a compelling case for retrofitting HID site lighting.

LED Wall Pack – Wedge Shaped

These are standard LED Wall Packs in a common wedge shape, and are available in a medium sized full cutoff design (9″ x 14″) or a larger higher light output (7″ x 18″) fixture. The fixtures are available in models from 14 watts to 56 watts

Standard Canopy Light – Now available as an LED Fixture

This canopy light is a standard 12″ x 12″ box fixture, with a vandal resistant polycarbonate lens. It is available in models ranging from 14 watts to 42 watts. It is ideal for replacing metal halide (MH) fixtures in canopies, or under eaves and soffits.

Round Back LED Floodlight

This is a medium sized LED floodlight with a rounded back, for mounting distances up to 30 feet. It is ideal for signs, wall washing, or flagpole lighting. It produces up to 93 lumens per watt and is very efficient source of high quality light.

LED Wall Pack / Wall Washer in a Contemporary Design

As a contemporary designed wall pack or wall washer, this LED fixture is available in two models at 30 watts and 59 watts. This LED fixture can be used as a wall washer, or used as a pole light with a mounting adapter.

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