Field Warranty Program for Unexpected LED Lighting Repairs

LED Lighting Warranty Program

An Overview and Summary:

LED Field Warranty Pays a Fixed Fee for Unexpected Service Calls To better meet customer expectations, Metro has introduced a labor service warranty that pays a set fee for each unexpected field service call. This program is built into the cost of the fixture, and provides the customer protection from unexpected costs. LED Lighting fixtures fail at a much lower rate, and have longer lives than traditional fixtures. Customers expect a long service life for the LED fixture. They anticipate an install it and forget it lighting installation. But failures do occur. These are often due to early failure of a single component in a complex set of electrical and electronic components. This warranty program provides a means to make LED lighting even more worry free for the client. More on the LED Field Warranty Service Program

Avoiding Unexpected Costs of LED Fixture Failures

The primary measure of an LED lifetime is its L-70 rating. It documents the point at which an LED reaches 70% of it rated light output, measured in lumens. For many LED indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, the L-70 rating is often upwards of 100,000 hours or upwards of 22 years at 12 hours of operation per day.

HID Lighting Fixture Reliability and Need for Field Services

Metal Halide Lamp Replacements - An Expensive Maintenance Requirement But the LEDs are only one small part of the reliability of an LED fixture. LED are more complex than old style HID outdoor lighting fixtures. These old style metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures have simple components, such as transformers, capacitors, and the HID lamp. The part that wears out the fastest is the lamp. A high quality HID lamps lasts 15,000 hours. Thus the need for frequent re-lamping, which is an expensive activity, especially for pole mounted fixtures. A field service call involves a lift truck, and electrician with costs often approaching several hundreds of dollars per field service call.

LED Failure and Reliability

LEDs are longer lasting than any HID lamp based system. They save energy, and often have rapid paybacks. Our experience shows that paybacks of under 2 years are readily achievable for outdoor lighting. The benefits of LED have been well documented by DOE through numerous reports and studies.

LED Lighting - Failure Rate of Components in the fixture The DOE has documented the failure modes of LED fixtures. Their studies show that while LED light engines rarely fail, other components of the system, such as the LED Driver, suffer more common failure. The fixtures Metro LED uses are from manufacturers that practice burn-in quality control methods, that reduce the infant mortality problem of early to fail components. But in one set of data from the DOE, the failure rate from all causes was around ½% of the sample size. Thus in this case, if 200 fixtures are installed, it is possible that a fixture will fail prematurely after installation. Fortunately, more than one-half of these failures are related to the LED Driver, and this component is field serviceable in most of the fixtures Metro LED supplies.

LED Lighting – Higher Levels of Reliability over Much Longer Periods

Another way of looking at the issue is that if there is a 1:100,000 chance of failure of a component and there are 30 components in an LED Driver, the possibility of failure rises considerably. Old HID fixtures have components that fail at much higher rates. It is just that there are fewer components in typical HID fixtures. Additionally, normal practice dictates that periodic replacement is conducted not only of the HID lamps, but also of the ballasts, starter circuits and other components. Industry best practices recommend that all ballasts and other electrical components are essentially rebuilt in the fixture every five years for a reliable system.

In contrast to HID fixtures, LED fixtures are much more reliable and do have a much lower rate of failure, but there are still needs for field services.

LED fixtures do not require periodic maintenance. The components are designed for very long service life and rugged conditions. But fixtures are dropped, they get jostled in shipping. All these kinds of unexpected events, can loosen a seal, break a connection, and introduce reasons for early failures. The issue is that a customer expects zero failure, and often has removed their budget for field repairs. The expectation set by the Lighting Industry is that it is an install-it and forget-it approach to lighting.

As the DOE has demonstrated, there are many modes of failure to an LED lighting system. Our field experience is that the most common service related problems are early failure on the LED driver. Fortunately, well designed LED fixtures make it quick to replace the LED driver component.

LED Lighting – Field Warranty Services, Metro LED Lighting Solution for Unexpected Repairs

To address the costs related to this issue, we have developed a supplemental field warranty program, that provides for payment to conduct unexpected field repairs.

Metro LED Lighting's Extended Labor Warranty is available for many of our LED fixtures. Our program provides payment to supplement the manufacturer’s parts only warranty. It is available for either a 5 year or 10-year period to match the manufacturer’s warranty. It covers unexpected and expensive field labor services after the installation is completed.

Built into the Lighting Project from the Start

This program can be seamlessly built into your lighting projects. Through our program, we provide your customers with an added level of comfort when upgrading their lighting. Many of these fixtures are DLC Qualified for rebates, which makes for an even more compelling reason to upgrade lighting to LEDs. At Metro our lighting solutions and services deliver high energy savings. We manage lighting projects to reduce risks and lower your cost of installation. To learn more about our extended warranty services, contact Tom Fake at 518-809-8090 or write to us.

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