Improving the Return on Investment

Changing Lighting Economics & ROI with LED Technologies

New commercial outdoor lighting technologies, especially LED fixtures has the opportunity to radically change the economics of retail lighting  or industrial lighting in outdoor parking lots, areas around building perimeters, or parking garages. Savings of 70% are readily achievable, by reducing electric costs with LED outdoor lighting. An added bonus is that periodic re-lamping and changing of ballasts are no longer required, a necessary requirement in traditional HID lighting, so often used in retail lighting, commercial lighting or industrial lighting. But it takes LED outdoor lighting expert’s experiences to achieve the best results.

Savings from Commercial Lighting Upgrades

For property owners and managers, the savings can be substantial, and return on investment very high. In a recent commercial outdoor lighting audit, the LED outdoor lighting experts from Metro LED lighting were able, across seven smaller properties, to project $30,036 per year in savings by upgrading the lighting system. Total expense for lighting these outdoor spaces, will go from $39,381 with the HID lighting to $9,345 with the LED outdoor lighting systems. This substantial return on investment is derived by replacing standard HID shoebox fixtures, flood lights, wall packs, and parking garage lights with high performing, high return LED fixtures. These traditional HID are everywhere, and these savings are typical on many types of properties, whether in retail lighting, industrial or commercial lighting.

High Return on Investment with LED Outdoor Lighting

In these properties, the HID lighting fixtures were at the end of their lives, thus requiring replacement. Paybacks for these outdoor lighting projects, with utility rebates, were often less than a year. Our LED outdoor lighting experts, calculated that the Internal rate of returns (IRR) often exceeded 50%. The total cost of ownership and life cycle costs for these outdoor lighting system projects are one of the fastest return on investment for a property owner or manager.

High Return, High Performance LED Outdoor Lighting Experts

Metro LED Lighting are commercial LED outdoor lighting experts and provide opportunities for commercial or institutional owners to save electric expense, eliminate maintenance cycles, and lower the cost of ownership. We implement commercial outdoor lighting projects with rapid paybacks, and with engineered lighting, that improves the quality of illumination. To Metro LED, sustainability is lead by reducing costs and energy use. We bring our commercial outdoor lighting expertise to aide our clients in choosing lighting that meets their needs, lowers expenses, and helps meet sustainability goals. Whether it is an industrial setting, a utilitarian parking garage, campus, or Class ‘A’ Office Park, we implement outdoor lighting systems to lower costs, and improve the lighting, and the property’s quality.

Metro LED Lighting – An Overview of our Outdoor Lighting Expertise, Capabilities & Services

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