LED Outdoor Lighting – A First Choice in Sustainability

LED Outdoor Lighting - Case Study

LED Outdoor Lighting and Sustainability - Payback AnalysisLED outdoor lighting is among the best and first activities to undertake in implementing a sustainability program. Metro LED Lighting at the NYS Parking Association recent trade show, presented on how to lower electric and maintenance costs in parking garage lighting, and parking lot lighting. The talk demonstrated how paybacks, which are often under two years are achieved with high efficiency LED fixtures. Also reviewed were the long term trends in underlying costs for commercial and institutional property owners, which affect their outdoor lighting system costs.

Case Studies: LED Parking Garage and Facilities Lighting

Several case studies were presented, show how an office development was able to reduce the number of legacy HID fixtures, replace them with new LED Parking Garage Lights, and reduce the average watts/ fixture by 61%. The case studies showed that the upgrading to LED Lighting, significantly lowered carbon output, the property’s appearance was improved, and much lower operating costs have been achieved. All these had a positive impact on the property’s operating costs, thus supporting better profitability at the office park.

Presented at the NYS Parking Association, October 2012

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