Parking Lot Lighting with LED Fixtures – New Photo Portfolio

LED Parking Lot Lighting - Commercial Office Park

Metro LED Lighting recently completed renovating and retrofitting a parking lot at a commercial office park outside of Albany, N.Y, with new LED outdoor fixtures. Evolucia LED Shoeboxes fixtures replaced 400 watt HPS luminaires, greatly reducing energy use. Total kilowatts-hours (kWh) were reduced by over 57%, resulting in rapid payback, and a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally, the quality of lighting improved, helping maintain the Class ‘A’ rating for this commercial office building.

LED Shoebox Parking Lot Lighting using Evolucia ESB Fixtures – Photo Portfolio

LED Parking Lot Lighting _MG_8858

LED Parking Lot Lighting _MG_8857

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