LED Soffit Lighting – New Presentation

LED Soffit Lighting

LED Soffit Lighting with Remote Phosphor Technology offers the opportunity to reduce operating costs, often by 75% or more, of this very common type of outdoor lighting fixture. In this presentation, an overview is provided of how color conversion is achieved without using traditional LED phosphors, yet obtaining a much higher quality of light from the soffit fixture. The LED soffit lighting is available in a much larger range of color temperatures, is very low glare, and produces an outdoor lighting system that that runs cooler, thus longer lasting.

These LED soffit lights often replace existing HID soffit fixtures (metal halide or high pressure sodium), and can replace 39 lumen/ watt traditional outdoor fixtures with one producing 120 lumens/ watt. This results in a LED fixture that can save over $82 / year / fixture. The LED Soffit Lighting presentation details these expenses, and contains a overview of the paybacks that can be achieved verses high intensity discharge (HID) fixtures, and fluorescent fixtures or even standard LED canopy lights.

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