LED Soffit Lighting – High Quality, Efficient Illumination

LED Soffit Lighting using Remote Phosphor Technology

LED Soffit Lighting is now readily able to replace inefficient metal halide (MH) and incandescent bulb fixtures, while improving light quality and consistency. Soffit fixtures are very commonly used in outdoor lighting installations, eaves, or outdoor ceilings. They illuminate retail store fronts, are used in lighting fast food operations to attract clients, or installed in commercial buildings as ceiling lights for path finding and safety. They are very effective and flexible down-lighting source.

Soffit Fixtures to Replace Metal Halide or Incandescent Bulbs

LED Soffit Lighting Fixture with Remote Phosphor Technology The bulk of this type outdoor lighting application has been achieved by metal halide (MH) for its bright white color, or by the warm inviting color of incandescent light bulb based sources. This new form of LED Soffit Lighting, using remote phosphor technology, from IntenCity, provides a very high efficiency LED fixture. But as importantly, for a retail operation or other commercial real estate operation, it provides extremely high quality lighting.

LED Soffit Fixtures – Low Glare, Incandescent Color Equivalence

The IntenCity LED soffit lighting fixture, achieves very high color consistency, uniform glare-free lighting. It has very high Color Rendering Index (CRI) values, and a large range of Correlated Color Temperature Indexes (CCT). All these technical attributes leads to lighting quality that attracts users, provides enhanced security, and enhances a property’s value.

The quality of the light from the IntenCity Lighting LED soffit fixture is glare free, and diffuse. This is achieved by placing the remote phosphor farther from the LED source than in traditional LED designs. This results in a LED fixture with a uniform source that is consistent and reliable with no harsh shadows. This LED soffit lighting is often mistaken for an incandescent bulb based fixture.

Outdoor Lighting Fixture with Highest LED Efficiency

The remote phosphor technology in the soffit fixture improves efficiency often 30% higher than other LED fixtures and achieves 120 lumens/ watt.

The high system efficiency is the result of using very high lumen/ watt blue LED sources from Philips Lumileds. These LEDs emit efficiently and are converted by the remote phosphor technology. But the soffit fixture’s mixing chamber also reflects back white light, resulting in harvesting more of the LEDs emission. The results are soffit fixtures with lower first costs, no routine maintenance, and very low electric costs.

Remote Phosphor Technology for Design Flexibility

The remote phosphor technology offers a high degree of design flexibility for the LED soffit lighting, and a very large range of color temperature, ranging from 2,700K (incandescent) to 5,000K (warm daylight). The color of the light is extremely consistent fixture to fixture. The color consistency of the soffit fixture phosphor is tighter than typical LEDs. It is three standard deviations in color matching v. the ANSI seven deviation standards. For the user, this results in very high quality light consistency.

High Quality LED Outdoor Lighting for Soffit Applications

High quality outdoor lighting in retail has consistently been shown to improve bottom line performance. In commercial property operations, good lighting supports rental rates and real estate values. LED soffit lighting is one part of an outdoor lighting solution that is low cost means to lower costs and improve an operations performance.

LED Soffit Lighting Product Specification Overview

The soffit fixture uses 25 watts, produces 3,000 lumens (at 5,000K) and has an efficiency of 120 lumens per watt. It is used to replace 100 to 150 watt metal halide (MH) or incandescent light bulb sources. The soffit fixture is available in 2,700K, 3,500K, 4,000K, and 5,000K color temperatures. The LED soffit lighting from IntenCity is available in either a recessed or surface mounted versions, and in variety of durable finish colors.

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