LED Soffit Lighting in Retail Operations

Upgrading Retail Appearance and Energy Efficiency

LED Soffit Lighting Retail Shopping Center

Soffit lighting is a very common outdoor lighting application in retail operations. This shopping center, with a very typical configuration, has installed the IntenCity Remote Phosphor LED Soffit Lights to illuminate the storefronts and canopy areas at this Dollar Tree retail location.

The IntenCity Soffit Fixture is very high efficiency at 120 lumens per watt, and has a very high Color Rendering Index (CRI) value. The fixture provide high energy efficiency, and very high quality of lighting. These outdoor lighting fixtures replaced 100W metal halide fixtures saving more than 78% of electric costs. Additionally, they have removed the necessity to periodically replace metal halide (MH) fixture ballasts and to conduct re-lamping.

As can be seen in the Soffit Lighting photo, the walkways and storefronts areas are very uniformly lit. The high CRI of this Soffit Fixture renders colors accurately with a very natural appearance. Quality LED Soffit Lighting, such as these fixtures, enhances curbside appeal and help support the quality of the retail property. Quality outdoor lighting with a LED Soffit Light serves as an attractor for the retailer, and helps gain and retain customers. As a low-cost property upgrade, LED Soffit Lighting from IntenCity Lighting has very high Return on Investment (ROI), and very quick payback

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