Pole Lighting and LED Retrofits

Decorative Pole Lighting – Retrofitting with LED Lamps and Fixtures

LED Acorn and Tear Drop Lighting Retrofits

Decorative pole lighting comes in an extraordinary variety of fixtures and design styles. These range from historic lantern poles, to modern cut-off fixtures. Common in many LED lighting retrofitting projects are the needs to lower energy costs, improve lighting quality, and as critical, the need to maintain the integrity of the pole lighting design and qualities.

Deep Historical Roots for Pole Lighting

Pole lighting has over 300 years of deep history, with this outdoor lighting application driven by the need for safety, security, and commerce. In 1697, the Common Council of New York ordered that “housekeepers within this city shall put out lights in their window fronting ye respective street.” By 1763, Paris had as many as 6,500 candle lanterns, fifteen feet high, spaced fifteen feet apart.

Decorative pole lighting has many diverse styles and configurations that are often based on these historical roots. Street lighting is often configured as a tear drop design, with arm extensions, scroll designs, mast arms, or other highly decorative styles such the famous ‘Bishop Crook’ lamp posts in New York City. Post top lighting is often configured for pathways, campuses, walkways, historic district lighting, recreational facilities, and many other highly styled lighting applications. These lighting configurations are largely driven by stylistic decisions, and a desire to maintain a look and feel to the lighting design in keeping with the character of the place being lit.

Pole Lighting Retrofitting for Energy Savings

The opportunity exists to retrofit decorative pole lighting, and post top lights with LED lamps, which can greatly lower energy costs while saving on maintenance. Experience has shown that replacing High Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (MH) lamps with LED Lamps in pole lighting applications can save 65% or more of energy costs. These energy savings combined with less maintenance costs, saves in excess of $100 per fixture per pole per year.

 Decorative Pole Lighting Retrofitting Presentation

When retrofitting decorative pole lighting with LED lamps or fixtures, it is often required to maintain the integrity of the design elements of the luminaire. Property owners or managers often express the concern that little or no changes should be made to the design of the lighting fixture. But there is also a strong need to upgrade the lighting quality, improve energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs, while meeting IES lighting standards.

This presentation reviews the state of the market in retrofitting decorative pole lighting with LED lamps and fixtures while meeting these requirements and objectives. Overviews are provided of pole lighting, along with a guide to LED fixtures that are well suited in providing quality retrofits for decorative acorn / pole lighting, and tear drop style pole lighting.

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