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Decorative Pole Lighting Retrofits - Pre-engineered Kits

LED Post Top Acorn Retrofitted Fixture

Decorative Pole lighting fixtures are very popular, widely used, and provide unique character in outdoor lighting applications. They are available in configurations such as pendant, teardrops, acorns, lanterns, and many other styles of globes. It is very beneficial to upgrade these fixtures to LED lamps, while maintaining their look and feel. They are often found in outdoor lighting applications such as:

  • Residential Street Lighting / Area Lighting
  • Sidewalk Lighting
  • Pendant Mounted Decorative Lanterns or Fixtures
  • Historic District Lighting
  • Parks and Recreation Roadway or Pathway Lighting
  • College / University Campuses or Corporate Campuses
  • Residential Development/ Common Area Lighting
  • Traditional Acorn Pole Fixtures

Significant savings in both energy costs and maintenance expense can be gained by upgrading these pole lighting applications. The issue many owners confront is can these lanterns or post top styles be maintained, without sacrificing look and feel while upgrading to LEDs?

LED Retrofits of Pole Fixtures Challenges

Retrofitting these Decorative Pole fixtures with new LED lamps presents many challenges. The retrofit project’s main objective is often to preserve these historic style lighting fixtures, while upgrading to a light source that is much more efficient and offers higher quality light. The benefits of retrofitting Decorative Pole lighting are well documented. The upgrade often saves more than 70% of electric costs and eliminates routine re-lamping of metal halide (MH) lamps or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps.

Retrofitting of Decorative Pole Lamps with LEDs requires these primary outdoor lighting design requirements to be met:

  • The retrofitted LED sources has to be easily adaptable to the lighting pole’s fitter and decorative fixture so installation can be fast, requiring little to no reworking of the fixture mounting to keep the field handling time and labor costs low.
  • The LED lamp for the Decorative Pole Fixture has to be configured to create similar optical performance as the existing metal halide lamps or high pressure sodium lamps being upgraded.
  • The mechanical attachment of the retrofitted LED assembly has to be compatible with the existing fitters and secured to support the existing Decorative Pole fixture, in addition to avoiding interference with the globe/lantern assembly.
  • The retrofitted LED lamp source has to be efficiently producing light, as well as, providing a uniform illumination on the ground, and at a color temperature (CCT) to meet outdoor lighting design requirements.

LEDioc – Eye Lighting’s Preconfigured Engineered LED Retrofit Kit for Pole Lighting

Eye Lighting is a highly experienced outdoor lighting manufacturer. Their LEDioc lamp and Decorative Pole LED retrofit kits are highly engineered solutions for upgrading decorative acorn, lanterns, pendants, and globe style fixtures. The LEDioc is available as an LED lamp engine to custom retrofit any style of Pole Lighting, or as a preconfigured kit for standard fixtures from other lighting fixture manufacturers, such as:

  • King Luminaire K118 Acorn Pole Light
  • Sternberg Main Street Lanterns
  • GE Town and Country Lantern
  • GE Edison Decorative Post Top
  • Halophane GranVille Acorns
  • Philips Hadco Citadel Post Top Lighting

Example Preconfigured LED Retrofit Kits for Lanterns, Acorns, Post Tops

LED Retrofit Kit for King Luminaire  Acorn Fixture K118

LED Retrofit Kit for Sternberg Main Street Lanterns

LED Retrofit Kit for GE Edison Post Top Acorn Fixture

LED Retrofit Kit for Halophane Granville Acorn Fixture

Philips Hadco LED Retrofit Kit Citadel Post Top Lighting

LEDioc Decorative Pole Lighting Lamp Kit – Features & Highlights:

Features of the Eye Lighting LEDioc retrofit kit include:

  • Two models at 37 watts and 73 watts. The 37 watt unit generally replaces 150 watt and under metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. The 73 watt LED lamp is generally for 250 watt and under high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide lamp (MH) replacement. The 37 watt model of the LEDioc is DLC Listed and qualifies for rebates.
  • Highly efficient LED lamp replacements for lantern or post tops fixtures producing 75 lm per watt to 113 lm per watt, dependent upon the color temperature (CCT)
  • Choice of CCTs of 3000 K, 4000 K, and 5000 K.
  • Preconfigured kits for decorative Pole lighting fixtures with lamp, socket, fitter plate, driver, surge protection, and the terminal block for ease of installation in the field

Decorative Pole Retrofit LED Lamp Kits and Product Specification

LEDioc Lamp Specs – LED Decorative Pole Lighting Retrofit Kit
LEDioc Post Top/ Lantern Preconfigured Lamp Kits for Decorative Pole Lighting

Decorative Pole Light LED Lamps – Upgrading without Compromise

Upgrading highly prized Decorative Pole Lighting fixtures provides multiple benefits. These include improving night time lighting quality, safety at night, and lower costs. Using high quality, highly engineered LED lamp retrofit kits for these outdoor lighting applications can be achieved without compromising the beloved character of these pole lighting fixtures. Careful consideration of a few factors assures successful upgrades with  LED lamps for these acorn, pendant, teardrop and lantern fixtures.

DOE Reference Resources about Decorative Pole Lighting:

Pedestrian Friendly Outdoor Lighting (PDF)

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