Soffit Lighting with Remote Phosphors – LED Outdoor Lighting Portfolio

LED Soffit Lighting Retrofit of Retail & Commercial Properties

The soffit lighting was upgraded at this mixed used retail, commercial property from 100 watt metal halide lamps to a 25 watt LED Soffit Fixtures. These soffit lighting fixtures use remote phosphor technology to achieve very high quality of light, at very low costs of operations, with extremely high efficiency LED outdoor lighting. For the property owner, this soffit lighting retrofit achieved high quality lighting to attract tenants, while lowering the cost of maintaining and operating the outdoor lighting.

LED Soffit Lighting - Replacing 100 Watt Metal Halide Fixtures

LED Soffit Lighting Saves $159.34 per fixture over 10K hours of operation

Soffit Lighting without glare, very high quality diffuse and even lighting

LED Soffit Lighting - Achieving 120 Lumens / Watt

LED Soffit Lighting to Increase Retail Visibility

LED Soffit Lighting Simple Retrofit and Upgrading of Retail Sites

LED Soffit Lighting - First Cost Competitive, Radically Lower Operating Costs

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