LED Retrofit Decorative Pole Lighting Pre-Engineered Kit


LED Lamp Pre-Engineered Solution for MH/ HPS Retrofits in Post Top Decorative Pole Lighting
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LED Post Top Lamps – Pre-engineered Retrofit for Over 40 Lighting Fixtures

  • Pre-engineered LED Post Top Upgrade Lamp - Pre-configured fitter mounts for fast upgrading of popular decorative post top lighting fixtures
  • High Efficiency LED Post Top Lamp - Up to 137 lumens per watt high efficiency, low operating cost Post Top HID replacement lamp
  • Matches Optics of existing MH Decorative Post Top Lamps - Adjustable optical height built into the LED Post Top Lamp to match existing HID Lamps optical performance
  • Rugged for Conditions in Historical Street Lighting - Rugged LED Post Top Retrofit for conditions found in Street, Parking Lot Lighting
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Specification Summary
Lumens 3,900 - 6,530 Watts 30 - 50
Distribution Type V, Type III DLC Qualified
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Decorative Post Top Lighting Fixtures - Pre-engineered Retrofit Kits

LED Post Top Lamps Pre-engineered for Quick Upgrades of Decorative Pole LightingThe LEDioc pre-engineered kit is used to retrofit decorative pole lighting with LED lamps sources. This post top LED retrofit kit is available as an easy to install luminaire for the majority of popular decorative outdoor fixture types, which include acorns, lanterns, top hats, and decorative post top fixture styles. The pre-engineered retrofit kit includes the LEDioc lamp source, integrated into a fitter plate, LED driver electronics, and terminal block for quick installation. This LED lamp source is available in two models, a 30 watt and 50 watt version. Additionally, three choices of color temperature (CCT) are available at 3000K, 4000K and 5000K, providing a choice of configurations to meet the outdoor lighting desired look and feel.

Upgrade HID Lamps to LED Post Lamps

In most outdoor lighting applications a 30W post top LED lamp is used to replace up to 100W MH or HPS lamp. The 50 watt model is for up to to 250W HPS/ MH lamps. Also, options include product configurations that populate different sides of the post top LED lamp, thus providing house friendly lighting in parking lot lighting or street lighting projects. The LEDioc Post Top Lamp is available in other engineered configurations able to fit many styles of decorative pole lighting fixtures. The LEDioc Lamp is DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listed and rebates are available.

LED Post Top Lamp Pre-engineered for GE Town and Country Lanterns, King Luminaire, and Hadco Post Top Fixtures

Popular LED Decorative Post Top Lighting Kits – Available Configured & Pre-Engineered

  • King Luminaire K118 Acorn LED Retrofit
  • LED Retrofit - Sternberg Main Street Lanterns
  • GE Town and Country Lantern – LED Kit
  • GE Edison Decorative Post Top LED Lighting Kit
  • Halophance GranVille Acorn LED Kit
  • Philips Hadco Citadel Post Top Lighting LED Kit

Additional Styles of Pre-Configured Decorative Pole Lighting Kits

This LEDioc Pre-engineered Retrofit Kit is available for a wide range of existing luminaires. The LEDioc Post Top Catalog has 42 different styles of decorative pole lighting fixtures that have had been pre-engineered and have had a retro-fit kit developed. Styles include many acorn, lanterns, top hats, caged lantern fixtures, and skirted fixtures. See the LED Decorative Pole Lighting Catalog for many of the styles of outdoor fixtures that had retrofits solutions pre-engineered.

LED Retrofit for King Luminaire K118 Acorn Fixture

The King Luminaire is an acorn globe that has traditionally been used on many streets and historic districts. This post top luminaire is a decorative pole fixture style used throughout North America in the early 20th century. The K118 shape fixture, is a widely used outdoor decorative pole fixture, and has been adapted into many HPS or MH luminaires. The LEDioc pre-engineered kit is available for HPS or MH acorn lighting. As a pre-engineered retrofit kit, it is designed as a quick assembly to upgrade these historic acorn lighting styles. This LED acorn replacement kit transforms historical fixtures and pole lighting with the K118 model into energy efficient LED luminaires. This kit can replace 150 Watt HPS K118 luminaire lamps with a 30W LED for acorn pole lighting.

  • LED Acorn Retrofit Kit for King Luminaire K118 – Example Part/ Model Number: K118-LAR-III150-MOG-HPS-120MT-K14-GN

LED Lamp Replacement for Sternberg Main Street MS8045 Lanterns

The Sternberg Main Street series of lamps is a popular octagonal fixture often with decorative spikes. The Sternberg fixture is often used in historic districts lighting, residential developments and other traditional pole lighting applications. These lanterns are used extensively in college and university lighting applications. Typical pole lighting applications include general area lighting, pathway illumination or for lighting of parking lots. The LEDioc pre-engineer retrofit kit for the Sternberg Main Street Lanterns can readily upgrade these lanterns and pole lighting applications to energy efficient LED outdoor fixtures. The LEDioc kit can replace 100 watt HPS lighting with much higher quality light from the LED source, and is available in a variety of CCT ranging from 3000K, 4000K, to 5000K with high CRI values, providing the highest quality retrofitting of these octagonal traditional pole fixtures.

  • LED Lantern Retrofit Kit for Sternberg Lighting Main Street Lanterns – Example Model / Part Number: MS805/3/x/100HPS120/RE3/X/PA/PG

LED Retrofit Kit for GE Town and Country Lantern

The GE Town and Country Lantern is a four sided open faced decorative post top and pendant mounted lighting solution. This outdoor lighting fixture is used in downtown lighting applications for street lighting, parking lot lighting, pathways and other lantern lighting solutions. This lantern style outdoor fixture is used in lighting many commercial developments, parks, and residential applications. The LEDioc retrofit kit, from Eye Lighting, comes with an easy to install, preconfigured engineered solution, with the components ready to install in the GE Town and Country Lantern. The LEDioc is designed to replicate the optics of GE Town and Country luminaire. As a retrofit kit it provides superior energy efficiency from the LED lamp, high quality lighting, and serves as an excellent replacements for MH or HPS lamps used in these traditional style lantern fixtures.

  • LED Retrofit for GE Town and Country Lanterns – Example Part / Model Number: T10C10S1AMS5BL

GE Edison Decorative Post Top Lighting LED Retrofit Kit

The GE Edison Decorative Post Top lighting fixture is a popular acorn style pole light, available in traditional, colonial, revival or the round ‘Impression’ style globes. This pole lighting style is used extensively in outdoor lighting applications for residential roadways, walkways, shopping centers, malls and plazas. These ornamental fixtures typically are using HPS or MH, and the LEDioc Pre-Engineered Retrofit Kit, replaces these HID sources with high efficiency, long life LED lamps. The L70 rating is conservatively estimated to 50,000 hours of use. This greatly reduces the maintenances costs of re-lamping, and provides a much more energy efficient acorn pole light. The LED retrofit kit for the GE Edison Decorative Post Top fixture is designed to place the LED lamp in the same position as the HPS or MH lamp, replacing it with a superior LED light source.

  • LED Retrofit Kit for GE Edison Decorative Post Top Acorn Pole Lighting – Example Model / Part Number: EVX1551N2NBLCK004

Halophane GranVille Acorn LED Retrofit Kit

The GranVille Decorative Pole Top fixture is often used in street lighting, residential streets, and college campus, municipal or other commercial applications. These pole lights are typically acorn style fixtures used on historic style decorative poles, tapered poles, straight poles, and are eight to fourteen feet in height. The LEDioc LED pre-engineered kit is preconfigured with socket, plate, and electronics assembly to retrofit these acorn pole lamps with higher efficiency luminaires. Replacing the HID post top lamps with LED results in much lower energy costs, and next to no maintenance costs in this outdoor lighting application. The LEDioc from Eye Lighting is a rugged, engineered LED lamp retrofit that can be used to improve the quality of lighting in these common outdoor applications.

  • LED Acorn Retrofit Pole Lighting for Holophane Granville Post Tops – Example Model / Part Number: GV15DHP12LB3

Philips Hadco Citadel Post Top Lighting LED Retrofit Kit

The Hadco Post Top Lighting luminaires are used for street lighting, decorative pole lighting and other commercial outdoor lighting applications. They are configured as either a HPS or MH decorative pole lights ranging from 70 watts to 150 watts. These Hadco Post Top lights are a lantern style used in historic district lighting, commercial malls, campus, university for street, or pathway lighting. LEDioc LED retrofits have an integrated assembly to ready field upgrade these existing HID pole lights to more energy efficient LED outdoor fixtures. LEDioc outdoor lighting products, from Eye Lighting, include the LED engine, lamp socket assembly, mounting plates, LED drivers, surge protector, and terminal block as a unit for quick field installation. These Post Top LED retrofit kit are energy efficient, and can reduce energy consumption often by 70%, and eliminate the need for re-lamping..

  • LED Retrofit Kit for Hadco Post Top Lighting – Example Model/ Part Number V25 J BS ND 150S G

LED Retrofit Decorative Pole Lighting Pre-Engineered Kit - Specification
Model EYE-PT-LEDioc-PRE Watts Range 30W, 50W
Rebates DLC Warranty 5 Years
Size 11.5 in / 2.1 in / 3.9 in Weight N/A
Colors N/A Options House Side Shielding
Accessories N/A Lumens / Watt 70-107 lm / watt
Lumens 3,900 - 6,530 lm CCT Range 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
L-70 50,000 CRI 70-85
Distribution Type III, Type V Volts 120 - 277 VAC

Post Top LED Retrofit Kits - Pre-configured Model Availability

Numerous popular decorative post top lighting fixtures have LED lamp kits available that have been pre-engineered and pre-configured for fast and reliable installation in the field. Listed below are some of the more popular decorative pole fixtures that have had an LEDioc Lamp configured for the particular combination of decorative pole fitter and fixture. This list is subject to frequent updating. Examples of fixture styles and names are outlined below. Consult with Metro LED Lighting for availablity and any decorative pole lighting configurations needed for your street lighting or parking lot lighting project.

Manufacturer Product/ Model Name Style
American Electric Valiant Square Lantern Post Top Light with 'vent' on top cap
American Nail Plate Acorn LF0130 Decorative Fitter with prismatic lens acorn globe with finial
American Nail Plate ANP1906 Decorative Fitter with translucent globe, cage, and decorative finial top
Beacon Monaco Lantern with cage, decorative top with finial
Bega 9991MH Skirted decorative fixture with cylindric lens
Cooper Lighting ANE Acorn Acorn decorative prismatic lenses with tapered fitter
Copper Lighting ANG70PW Decorative Post Top with Caged Banned Acorn Top and Finial
Copper Lighting Arc Decorative Post top, banned cages, decorative top with finial
Copper Lighting Traditionaire Post Top, Square Lantern, with gaslight 'vent' on top assembly
General Electric Edison Decorative acorn fixture, fitter, with prismatic globe
General Electric Edison EDVX15 Decorative fitter, with top cap, prismatic globe
General Electric Patriarch Decorative Globe with cage, banding, and decorative top
General Electric Torch Highly decorative acorn light, Victorian globe, with cage, banding, and decorative translucent top
General Electric Town and Country Post top lantern, square, traditional style gas light fixture, with translucent sides, square
Hannover Lantern 2130BP Decorative acorn post fixture, with prismatic lens
Hannover Lantern 67635BP Lantern with inverted pyramid shaped housing, and pointed finial
Halophane Harp Sag glass fixture with decorative side supports, and highly decorative top
Halophane PTU10D Series Round post top fixture, with cage, and decorative top
Halophane Washington Round Acorn fixture with translucent globe, and decorative top cap
Halophane Utility Arlington Octagonal Decorative Post Top Lantern with cage, and highly decorative top fitting
Halophane Utility GranVille Decorative Acorn Post Top Fixture with translucent globe and finial
Halophane Utility Jefferson Decorative Post Top, with Banded and Caged Fixture, and Acorn Globe with Finial
King Luminaire Chicago Style Capitol Flared Decorative Fitter, with Acorn Translucent Globe, and Finial
King Luminaire K56 Series Multisided Lantern, with cage and decorative top
King Luminaire Sol-Lux Acorn Post Top Fixture with large fitter, translucent globe and finial
King Luminaire Washington Acorn Post Top Fixture with translucent globe and built in finial
Lithonia Lighting VV1 Series Skirted decorative top hat fixture, Round, with caged globe
Louis Poulsen Series 59290 Top Hat Decorative Fixture Cylindric Body, Contemporary Post Top Light
Main Street Lighting L820 Victorian Gas Light Post Top Design with Ribbed Cage, and Translucent Decorative Top
New Stamp PX Algonquin Square Lantern with Clear Side, with decorative Finial Top
Pacific Lighting & Standards Co VYB Series Highly decorative acorn light, with banding, translucent globe
Philips Hadco Citadel Cylindric Design Post Top Fixture with Translucent Top
Philips Hadco R52 Refractive Acorn Post Top Acorn Fixture with Translucent Globe
Philips Hadco RXX Series Acorn Post Top Fixture with Translucent Globe
Philips Hadco Victorina Acorn Lighting Fixture with Globe
Sentry SLH Hamlet Round Post Top Fixture with Decorative Top
Sentry Electric Battery Park Series NYC Style Caged Fixture with Decorative Top, Banded Supports
Spring City Electric Acorn LF0130 Acorn Post Top Lighting Fixture with Globe
Spring City Electric Park NYC Central Park Style Post Top Fixture, with art nouveau styling, clear sides
Sternberg Heritage Series Pyramid Shaped Post Top Lantern, Square with Clear Sides, and Decorative Top Cap
Sternberg Hometown Series Acorn Post Top Fixture with Acyclic/ Polycarbonate Globe
Sternberg Main Street Highly Decorative Post Top Lantern, with Multiples Sides, Translucent Diffusors
Sterner Post Top Cylindric Design Post Top Fixture with Round Cage Top
Street Light Equipment Corp. Fro Art Nouveau style fixture with caged and decorative top
Street Light Equipment Corp. Estate Multisided Lantern, with cage and decorative top
Sun Valley Lighting Acorn Series Acorn Post Top Light, with cage, and banding, decorative top, translucent globe

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DLC Listed?

The DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) is a collaboration of utilities and energy efficiency organizations to accelerate energy efficiency measures in commercial buildings. The rebate process that many utilities use requires DLC qualified products to be installed and substantial energy savings realized. As part of the lighting rebate process, the DLC List is the first step in examining outdoor lighting and other projects for rebate eligibility. The DLC list requires LED fixture manufacturers submit test results from certified labs on the luminaires to be qualified, or 'listed' by the DLC. The reports submitted for the DLC qualification process include the LM-79 report that quantifies the LED fixtures performance, as well as, the LM-80 report that examines the actual LED light engine and uses TM-21 methods to project LED lifetimes. By submitting these reports and undergoing the DLC Qualification Process, assures that the Manufacturer of LED lighting products, have met certain minimum specifications for performance, as well as reassurance to the buyer.

DLC List - Specifications for Outdoor and other LED Lighting

For people procuring LED light fixtures, being on the DLC Qualified Product List, assures that the LED outdoor lighting manufacturer specifications have been reviewed and meet minimum performance parameters. The main DLC Qualified Product List performance specifications include:
  • Minimum light output (lumens) from the LED fixture based on lighting application type
  • Zonal Lumens - How the light output is distributed from the fixture to its lighting task
  • Minimum luminous efficiency - How many watts of energy does it take to produce light in lumens per watt
  • Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) - A measure of how the light appears from warm colors like incandescent at a 1,600K CCT to noon bright white at 5,000K CCT.
  • Color Rendering Index - An indication of how color appears under reflected light of the LED fixture. Typical HID metal halide ratings are in the CRI 60 range, incandescent light by definition is a CRI of 100.
  • Lumen Maintenance (L-70) is a projected value of when an LED light source will produce 70% of its original light output. It is listed in hours and the accepted value for the end-of-life for an LED fixture. An L-70 lifetime rating is temperature dependent and is usually listed at 25° C. An L-70 lifetime of 50,000 hours at 12 hours per day of LED fixture use is 11.4 years of outdoor lighting fixture use.
  • Warranty - The DLC requires some more tea of five years

DLC List and Rebates for LED Outdoor Lighting

LED lighting rebates are most often offered by Electric Utilities, and sometimes by State grant making organizations. Rebates are highly variable, and have many different requirements to be eligible for rebates. But in general, a product that is qualified on the DLC List is a good indication that rebates for outdoor lighting can be obtained. A good first source for finding rebate information is the DSIRE (Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency). Outdoor lighting rebates are generally of two types, qualified product rebates and performance based programs. Qualified product rebates are most often a rebate of a fixed amount per fixture replaced, while the performance based programs are based on the kilowatt hours or peak kilowatts of load electricity saved.

Rebate Process for LED Outdoor Lighting

Determination of which option is optimal in obtaining outdoor lighting rebates will require a modest amount lighting design and economic analysis. In overview, the rebate process involves:
  • Inventorying existing HID lighting fixtures,
  • Determine what lighting levels are required for the outdoor lighting application,
  • Selecting LED fixture will meet these lighting requirements at the lowest possible energy use
  • Compiling a spreadsheet of existing lighting fixtures compared to the proposed fixtures
Most utilities will require a spreadsheet that lists what HID fixture is being replaced with what DLC Listed product. The spreadsheet will often articulate the savings per fixture count, application type (e.g. garage lighting), and the total kilowatt hours saved and the load reduction in kilowatts. Based on this information the utility can quickly qualify the LED lighting installation for rebates, and give a general indication of the rebate amounts and levels. After the project is installed, most often certifications are required by the property owner that the installation has been completed, and in some cases, a site inspection will take place. The Utility or other rebate grantor will then mail a check to the property owner for the agreed rebate amount.